We work closely with veterans and service members to create a welcoming community by sharing musical experiences with one another.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve veterans, service members, and their families by giving them a positive social environment with music as the core medium of connection.


Through teaching how to play music on the guitar and other instruments, we strive to create a positive social experience and ties of camaraderie based upon the mutual experience of service and sacrifice to our local communities and our country.


SOAR is free and open to all those who serve and have served. This includes: all active duty military, all veterans as well as first responders such as EMTs, police, firefighters, etc.


We here at SOAR are passionate about taking care of all those who have served.


Military service members are not the only ones who may suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).


Learning to play a musical instrument in a positive social environment can be a very beneficial way to heal inner wounds that traditional medicine cannot address.


Learning to play a musical instrument can also be very beneficial as physical therapy, helping to build coordination and dexterity in fine muscle movements and hand-eye coordination.




Class 1


  • Class and Instructor Introduction and Ice Breaking
  • Students are taught and familiarized with the parts of the guitar
  • Students are taught how to tune their guitar
  • Students are introduced to their first three chords
    • G Major, C Major, D Major


Class 2


  • Class 1 review
  • Strumming exercise
    • Static chord
    • Varying strumming patterns


Class 3


  • Class 2 review
  • Strumming exercise
    • Switching chords, static strumming patterns
  • Introduce first song
    • "Wild Thing"


Class 4


  • Class 3 review
  • Review "Wild Thing"
  • Introduce new song
    • "Sweet Home Alabama"


Class 5


  • Class 4 review
  • Introduce chords
    • A Major
    • E Major
  • Strumming exercise
    • Static chord with varying strumming patterns
    • Switching chords on a static strumming pattern
  • Introduce new song
    • "Bad Moon Rising"


Class 6


  • Class 5 review
  • Review "Bad Moon Rising"
  • Introduce New Song
    • "Chasing Cars"


Class 7


  • Review all songs for performance
    • "Wild Thing"
    • "Sweet Home Alabama"
    • "Bad Moon Rising"
    • "Chasing Cars"


Class 8


  • Performance Day
  • Guest/House SOAR rhythm section volunteers
  • VIP Special Guest
  • Guitars and Awards presentation


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